A Quarterly e-journal, which is Fast and Friendly for biologists, biotechnologists and life scientists.

The big world of biotechnology now also paving into bio nanotechnology is at the cross-roads of an information boom as never before. Reams and reams of biotic knowledge are being generated in fields and labs and most of them go globally unnoticed. There is a big mismatch between knowledge generation and information dissemination, the former far outweighing the latter. This is especially true in life sciences. Then there is a discernible gap between research and technology transfer to industries. The information gap in biosciences has often inadvertently caused duplication and repetition of research, sometimes several folds over; this obviously has drained resources- money and human- not to mention of the time spent (or wasted). These are direct consequences of serious paucity of research communicating media or journals.

To address these, a Quarterly e-journal Current Biotica (ISSN) is in the offing. This will help scientists, researchers, students, industrialists, teachers who are involved in biological and environmental sciences to show case/publish their discoveries, views, opinions, etc to an international peer group, at the quickest time and bridge the gaps that exist in knowledge generation, dissemination and adoption.

Current Biotica is author-friendly, facilitating authors in putting their papers (and dreams) into the higher orbits of biotech info-highway. Researchers benefit and biosciences progresses- a win-win situation for all.

Here’s calling all those working in fields of plants, animals, microorganisms, environment- the whole gamut of biological and life sciences that affect humans and his environment to submit research notes

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