Volume 20 January – March 2014 Issue 4
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1. Damage by coconut defoliator, Phalacra vidhisara Walker
T. Srinivasan, N. Chitra, N.B.V. Chalapathi Rao and H.P. Maheswarappa
106 – 108
2. Diversity of Dipteran insects in Jorhat district of Assam, North East India
N. Borah, M. Hazarika, A. Rehman and P. Patgiri
109 – 110
3. Effectiveness of menadione, a synthetic analogue of a natural plant derived compound –plumbagin (bio-pesticides), as insecticide on red cotton bug Dysdercus cingulatus Fab. (Hemiptera: Pyrhocoridae
S Singh-Gupta S Magdum and A. S Shere-Kharwar
111 – 122
4. Evaluation of insecticides against brinjal shoot and fruit borer, Leucinodes orbonalis Guenee
H. V. Patel and G. G. Radadia
123 – 125
5. Evaluation of integrated pest management (IPM) module against sucking pests of black gram under semi arid conditions
Shakti Khajuria, A.K.Rai, Kanak Lata Raj Kumar and J.K.Jadav
126 – 132
6. Nauroji- Stonehouse fruit fly trap in management of mango fruit fly in Navsari, Gujarat
Prabhu Nayaka, R. M. Naik and B. M. Tandel
133 – 135
7. New record of leaf miner, Tuta absoluta (Meyrich) in Tomato
D.Anitha Kumari , G.Anitha, V.Anitha, B KM Lakshmi , S.Vennila, and N.H P Rao
136 – 138
8. Oviposition of shoot fly female on different sorghum genotypes
H. V. Patel, R. K. Kalaria, R. M. Patel & G. R. Bhanderi
139 – 140
9. Scenario of insect pests on Ashwagandha (Withania somnifera) in the plains of Chhattisgarh
Akash Nirmal, Jayaram C.S., J.L.Ganguli and Alice Tirkey
142 – 143
10. Screening of brinjal genotypes against shoot and fruit bore
S. Ramesh Kumar* and T. Arumugam
144 – 148
11. Seasonal incidence of major insect pests of brinjal crop during summer season
H. V. Patel, G. G. Radadia and S. K. Chavda
149 – 151